With the purpose of giving transparency and to prevent fraud, in accordance with applicable legislation may request users to provide an official identity document or other information.

1) Each boat owner can post for free or multiple ads to offer boats or watercrafts for rent.

2) The owners must commit to publish online advertisements with the quality of the services offered (price, condition of the boat, model, year, etc.)

3) Each owner is responsible for the content of their advertisement published on and for the accuracy and sincerity of the information contained in each advertisement.

4) Each owner must include in their ads the characteristics and location of the boat, whether or not in the place has parking, if the rental price includes dock taxes and what amenities the boat rental includes.

5) The owner of the boat can freely choose the published rate, the owner will pay BOATSBOOKING. COM the equivalent of 7.5% of the cost of said rental corresponding to the commission for the use of the platform, This commission will be the amount paid by the user who rents the boat and who makes this payment as a guarantee deposit in favor of, the published prices must include taxes.

6) The owner accepts that the rental price of his boat is, at most, equivalent to the public value shown on any platform, publication or on his own website.


* justify at all times that you are the owner of the boat or operator of the watercraft that going to be published.

* That the boat is legally recognized by the corresponding authorities and / or registered and with the permits of the nautical tourism service that proceed in accordance with the regulations of your country, including all the insurance required for the legal operation.

 * offer only well-maintained boats equipped with up-to-date technical or maintenance controls, up-to-date equipment, life jackets, snorkel gear and / or other amenities

* have subscribed and kept valid during the period of publication of your advertisement of a civil liability or full risk insurance and be able to present a valid insurance certificate when requested through as well as showing them to clients prior to their boarding

* verify the identity of the tenant before boarding the boat and proceed with the rental

* verify that the bank card used to pay the rent belongs to the tenant at the time of boarding

* inform the tenant of any limitation of liability of the insurer

* the owner accepts and undertakes to respect his social and tax obligations depending on his situation before the corresponding authorities

* the owner is obliged to extend to the renter when requesting an invoice for the cost of renting the boat to the owner

* check the condition of the boat, the validity of the maintenance checks

* inform through your user account in less than two hours from the start of the rental at most, of any litigation or disagreement related to the announcement of the boat, with the aim of blocking payment while the user (s) decide whether to cancel the reservation or continue with it.

* be the holder of the permits, titles or qualifications necessary for the navigation of the ship or, where appropriate, its crew members carry all the permits or sea cards to be able to navigate

* use the boat responsibly for recreational boating, within the framework of the maritime legislation in force in the corresponding country

The owner may not request the cancellation of the boat rental that he has previously agreed upon, except in the event of force majeure.

In case of unjustified cancellation, the owner will be charged the amount equivalent to the commission charged by for the deposit, that is, the owner is obliged to cover the amount of said deposit in favor of the user within a period not exceeding fifteen days. (The established amount is 7.5% of the amount of the rent in question.

The boat announced by the owner of the boat must coincide with the one delivered to the user at the location of the boat owner, in case it does not correspond to the advertisement and has been notified by the user, the owner undertakes to reimburse the amount paid and give immediate notice to for the refund of the guarantee deposit, any conventional penalty for mishandling the information could apply in which case the owner of the boat is obliged to make the payment of said concept in favor of up to the full amount of the escrow deposit.

These conditions of use and service are governed by the laws where the offices are located. will not assume any claim since after the guarantee deposit the agreement corresponds solely to the owner, however, as an intermediary intervenes to fix any discrepancy between both parties.