In the event of a remote cancellation by the BOAT OWNER (s) user (s), they must inform of the reasons in writing and provide sufficient advance notice through the user account and in accordance with the cancellation procedure described in boatsbooking. com

A cancellation only takes effect after an email is sent to notifying the reason for the cancellation.

Due to a case of mayor cause, any user can request to postpone the reservation to a later date or cancel the reservation, after justifying itself, does not assume any responsibility in this regard.

In case of cancellation due to a weather forecast that prevents navigate, and if the reservation period is equal to or less than one day, will reimburse to the boat renter by bank transfer within a maximum period of fifteen days ( 15) the amount that the boat renter paid as a deposit (7.5%)

The BOAT OWNER will not be able to request the cancellation of the rental of the boat when that he has previously accepted, except in case of mayor cause, and since within the platform he has the same reservation calendar tool that the BOAT OWNER must update daily. In the event that due to mayor cause it is not possible to proceed with a reservation, will have to look for a similar option for the client in case the BOAT OWNER does not offer an alternative option.

In case of unjustified cancellation, the BOAT OWNER will be charged the amount equivalent to the commission charged by for the deposit concept, that is, the BOAT OWNER is obliged to cover the amount of said deposit in favor of the user boat renter within a period not exceeding fifteen days (15)

In the event that the reservation has been effective and the boat does not match the one announced by the BOAT OWNER, the boat renter user has the option of canceling his departure as follows:

The boat renter must declare whether or not he wishes to cancel the rental

In the event that you agree to keep the rental, you may not request a refund of the price from the BOAT OWNER, whatever the reason for this reservation.

In the event that it decides to cancel the boat rental, accepts, on a commercial basis, and without this allowing the user to imply the responsibility of in any way, to fully refund the price of the BOAT OWNER to the boat renter, in which case the responsibility and reimbursement will be borne by the BOAT OWNER who, as a conventional penalty, will assume the payment in favor of the boat renter for the amount of the deposit charged by (7.5% )

In case of breakdown of the boat, the boat renter has the right to choose whether to continue or cancel his trip in which case the same policy indicated in the previous paragraph applies.

*** The user acknowledges that has the right to suspend access to the service or to terminate its contractual relations with the user or to delete any user account, by right, with a simple notification by email and without further formalities by any reason, and in particular:

-in case of breach of the general conditions of use

-in of especially negative evaluations by other users or of non-conformity between the boat and the advertisement

-in case of cessation of the website and / or service by

-The user can cancel their user account at any time with a simple email notification to: