Trip reservation terms

To use your account, the user must necessarily have an email address and a valid mobile phone number throughout the period of use of the services.

To generate a reservation for a boat through BOATSBOOKING.COM the tenant user must register and check availability through BOATSBOOKING.COM once verified the tenant must make the guarantee deposit (7.5% of the published price) upon receiving the respective confirmation within a maximum period of 12 hours.

For the purposes of making an effective reservation and being able to guarantee it, the tenant as a user must pay the equivalent of 7.5% of the rental amount in favor of BOATSBOOKING.COM the rest must be settled solely and exclusively at the boarding location of the owner just before Board the boat and once the user agrees on the conditions of the boat and since he has physically verified them in said location. BOATSBOOKING.COM is not responsible for advance payments to the owner made by the user as it goes against their payment policies, once the commission for the rental in question has been received, may disclose the information to the owner to continue with the reservation and confirmation process.

According to the policies of, the balance payment for rent must be paid to the owner at the time of boarding the boat.

Once the guarantee deposit is reflected in the BOATSBOOKING.COM account, it will communicate to each of the users the information and personal data of the other user in order to coordinate and confirm the transaction.

For your reservation to be effective, the user must deposit the equivalent of 7.5% of the cost of the boat rental published on BOATSBOOKING.COM, The amount of this guarantee is specified in the advertisement.

The owner will be notified of the guaranteed reservation through BOATSBOOKING.COM and the amounts for the payment of the balance will be arranged directly by the owner user in accordance with the policies of that is, when boarding the boat

The users agree to use the information only to exchange requirements and needs regarding the rental and not to contract directly for future transactions related to the rental of boats.


The user who requires a travel reservation in the different boats offered agrees to:

- use the website and its services in accordance with these conditions of use and the laws in force of the country

- Offer true, lawful, objective information, respecting current laws.

- act in good faith when using the service and the website

- only have a user account and not open a user account to third parties

- Sign the day of delivery of the boat a contract that includes the entry check and disclaimer

To make a cancellation, the USER (s) MUST INFORM BOATSBOOKING.COM the reasons in writing and give sufficient notice through the user account and in accordance with the cancellation procedure described on the website.

• In the event that the boat suffers serious or serious damage or breakdowns during its rental that prevents the use of the boat in accordance with the recreational purpose for which it was hired, the lessee may request or refund the payment to the owner or, in his case, reschedule your departure at no additional cost to the tenant


• In the event that you agree to keep the rental, you will not be able to request a refund of the landlord's price in any case, whatever the reason for this reservation.


• is committed to making every effort to make the service and website available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without interruption, except if updates or changes are needed.


• Therefore, does not guarantee the user that the website and the service are permanently available.


• In cases of force majeure, the user's reservation may be canceled without prejudice to the owner of the boat or to (See terms of service)